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TLJ Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)

TLJ takes a proactive approach to all elements of ESG and is continually looking at ways to improve the sustainability of the organisations operations.

By managing ESG risks and opportunities within the organisation we can create value not just for the company but for our customers, employees, partners, the planet and the communities that we work in.

TLJ have put in place the following measures to drive the integration of ESG factors throughout the business:

  • Ensuring products are safe and customer data is secure
  • Preventing abuses within the supply chain, such as labour rights, including modern slavery and freedom of association
  • Providing training and supporting health, safety and wellbeing
  • Promoting equality in the workforce with diversity and inclusivity policies
  • Investing in local community projects, such as funding educational initiatives
  • Acting in the best interest of our customers
  • Developing products that improve quality of life and generate other positive social impacts
  • Investing in our human capital
  • Supporting the wellbeing of our customers and their end users
  • Reducing energy consumption and using renewable energy sources working towards becoming a net zero organisation
  • Developing greener products and services
  • Switching to zero waste products or sustainable packaging using biodegradable materials
  • Reducing carbon emissions by changing to LED lighting
  • Encouraging recycling and reducing the amount of waste destined for landfill
ESG IN Action
TLJ Charity of the Year

For 2024 TLJ decided to nominate a charity of the year. Staff were given the opportunity to nominate charities that were important to them and a company wide vote was held to select the charity for the year. The team felt strongly about two charities and the votes were tied so for 2024 TLJ will be supporting the national charity Kidney Research UK and a charity based closed to the TLJ head office, The Forest Project.

Both of these charities are close to the hearts of the TLJ family and we look forward to supporting them in any way we can throughout 2024. Details of all fundraising activities will be posted on our Media page.

Kidney Research UK & The Forest Project logos
More trees image
(more:trees) Carbon Sequestration

In 2022 TLJ became a subscriber to (more:trees), an organisation helping businesses and individuals take impactful action on climate change to secure the future of life on our planet.

Starting in 2022, TLJ made an ongoing annual commitment to sponsor the planting of 1,000 trees. This action will sequester approximately 300 tonnes of CO₂ over the lifetime of every 1,000 trees planted.

Emmaus Hull & East Riding

A charity based close to TLJ’s Headquarters, Emmaus are working to make a real difference to the lives of people who experience homelessness and social exclusion. Emmaus doesn’t just provide a bed for the night, instead they offer a home for as long as someone needs it, a tailored support package and meaningful work in the community and social enterprises.

TLJ has installed electronic smart locks, as well as access control wall readers on external doors, at ‘The Orchard’, Emmaus’ purpose-built community residential building. It provides a place to live for up to 30 formerly homeless people.

Emmaus working opening door with TLJ access control

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