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TLJ’s unique technology platform sets us apart. Known as Qcloud, our cloud-based ecosystem offers a simple, fast and secure way to integrate your access control system with other software platforms and connect with existing smart building applications. Our world class technology platform brings the power of cloud computing to access control. Migrating to the cloud offers a multitude of enhancements in both functionality and security over traditional ‘on premise’ solutions.

Introducing Qcloud

At the heart of our online offering sits Qcloud: TLJ’s uniquely flexible, intuitive, scalable and bespoke platform. Qcloud makes it simple, fast and secure to integrate your access control system with other software platforms and connect with existing smart building applications.

Key benefits

Hosted database
Always live and backed up with multiple levels of redundancy, a Qcloud hosted database is available from any PC, anywhere in the world, with the appropriate Qcloud front end software. Analyse valuable data and manage multiple sites within the same Qcloud platform.
Always secure
Qcloud is a fortress for your access control data with always-on security. Anti-virus, firewall and malware defence are included as standard, with no local security software to update. All data transferred to and from Qcloud is end to end encrypted.
Always on, always updated
Qcloud eliminates the worry of having the latest software bug fixes or security patches, with 24/7 live software updates automatically installed with no user intervention required.

Qcloud vs. Qlite

We understand that the fully featured Qcloud may not be suitable for every customer. That’s why we’ve created an on premise solution called Qlite which retains many of the features of Qcloud but is hosted locally rather than being in the cloud. See comparison below:

TLJ Mobile Keys™
HandsFree TLJ Mobile Keys™
RFID credentials
Batch key issuing
Local on-premise database
Unlimited doors
Fixed monthly payment plan
Inclusive software updates
Inclusive Prime Service Plan
Cloud Hosted database
API for 3rd party integrations
Automatically backed up
SDK for own app development
Qbot included
Mobile Keys hosting included
Option to enable ‘share mobile key’*
Virtual Intercom

*Where operator allows

Writeback Technology

By using TLJ Writeback technology we can create a hybrid of an online and offline access control system. The access credential (key card, fob etc.) is used to carry information to and from the offline lock as it passes through online hotspot readers located on the online public doors, such as the front door or the elevator. This creates an integrated, online electronic lock system at a fraction of the cost of a hard-wired solution for a smarter building.

For example; An offline bedroom door lock has low batteries, when a key card is used to open the door, the lock passes the ‘low battery’ warning to the keycard. The next time the key card is used with an online Access Control Wall Reader (e.g. in a corridor or main entrance) the information is passed from the key card to the reader. The ‘low battery’ warning is uploaded to the TLJ software and the operator is alerted, allowing the issue to be resolved.

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