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Access control wall readers

The hard-wired solution

TLJ Access Control Wall Readers offer the perfect solution for shared access doors with medium to high levels of traffic, such as main entrances and reception areas.

For when a battery powered lever lock is simply unsuitable, TLJ Access Control Wall Readers are perfect for managing a range of solutions including conventional and automatic doors, lift controllers, car park barriers, pedestrian gates and automated parcel lockers.

The Access Control Wall Reader communicates with a door control unit located inside the building. Flexible and scalable, the system co-ordinates the activity of the door locking device, exit button, emergency break glass and fire alarm interface.

Access Control Readers are loaded with integration capability thanks to our cutting-edge TLJ Cloud software platform, putting control in your hands and massively improving user experience through seamless, contactless operation.

This hard-wired solution requires professional electrical installation and a 240v mains supply.

Product features

Access wall reader in use

Versatile and scalable

TLJ Access Control Wall Readers are compatible with a with a wide range of physical access credentials and mobile technologies. The system works hand-in-hand with smart intercom and door entry systems to control resident and visitor access.

Phone with TLJ screen in back pocket

Handsfree Mobile Key operation

The ultimate electronic access control experience. With TLJ you can literally unlock it from your pocket. Smartphone BLE app technology is ultra secure, convenient and provides a low-energy-draw solution.

Cloud integration

Simple and flexible smart integrations via Qcloud by TLJ

From hosted databases that are always secure and updated to simple, automated integrations with a variety of smart building systems, TLJ’s Qcloud is your cutting-edge link providing wireless, networked, real-time access control for all your doors.

Suitable applications

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Our engineers have been hard at work over at Liverpool installing 1115 of our Infinity smart locks with BLE activation alongside 25 online readers.

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