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TLJ Batteries

Tested to 30,000 openings

All TLJ contactless electronic door locks are self-contained and require no external wiring. Instead, they are powered by 4 x 1.5v AA batteries. Whilst any good quality AA batteries will work in the short term, they are designed for general use and are unlikely to give best results when used with our electronic locks.

For this reason, we’ve created superior TLJ Batteries for electronic locks. They have been designed specifically to power electronic lock sets and are manufactured to the highest industry standards. Independent tests of TLJ Batteries have shown that our unique construction ensures long term power delivery, with a gradual and predicable voltage drop off compared to the ‘cliff edge’ scenario of commercially available batteries. This gradual drop off and a series of built in low power warnings virtually eliminates any possibility of power failure.

Product features

Manufactured to the highest industry standards

All customers who take out a Premium Support plan will receive an annual full site lock set battery change included in their agreement. You can also purchase TLJ Batteries by contacting our support team.

Superior TLJ Batteries for electronic locks

The power characteristics of TLJ Batteries are much better suited to electronic locks which respond to gradual reductions in voltage with a series of low power warnings.

Suitable applications

Cave Castle Hotel & Country Club

​TLJ were proud to be chosen as part of Cave Castle Hotel and Country Club’s interior renovation programme.

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Cave Castle Hotel & Country Club

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