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The Infinity electronic door lock

The simple solution

The TLJ Infinity is our most popular electronic door lock, designed to elevate security while simplifying access. This lock is chosen by so many of our customers, not only because of its outstanding performance, but also because of its remarkable versatility. The Infinity is perfect for refurbishment projects, where it seamlessly replaces outdated mechanical or mag-stripe locks, whilst also being a popular and economical choice for new build projects.

Key points:

  • Effortless installation on brand new or existing doors
  • Fully self-contained with no hard wiring needed
  • BLE smartphone app compatibility for convenient operation
  • Compatible with RFID key cards, fobs and wristbands
  • Fully certified for fire safety and security
  • Batteries tested to 30,000 openings
  • Available in a range of colour and finish options to suit any aesthetic

The Infinity electronic smart door lock isn't just a standalone product – it's a gateway to seamless integration through our advanced TLJ Cloud Software Platform. Take control and enjoy a superior user experience with contactless operation. Plus, its compatibility with multiple smart building applications extends its functionality, making it a perfect fit for full Smart Building Automation.

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TLJ bridge or TLJ Zpad required

Product features

Phone with TLJ screen in back pocket

Handsfree Mobile Key operation

The ultimate electronic access control experience. With Infinity you can literally unlock it from your pocket. Smartphone BLE app technology is ultra secure, convenient and provides a low-energy-draw solution.

Infinity low maintenance lock exploded view

Self-contained and low-maintenance, with no external wiring

Powered by 4 x ‘AA’ batteries and tested to 30,000 activations, Infinity is the simple, reliable and flexible solution from TLJ.

Cloud integration

Simple and flexible smart integrations via Qcloud by TLJ

From hosted databases that are always secure and updated to simple, automated integrations with a variety of smart building systems, TLJ’s Qcloud is your cutting-edge link providing wireless, networked, real-time access control for all your doors.

Z Pad on door

Smart Home Automation with TLJ Infinity

Wirelessly pairing Infinity with Zpad by TLJ adds a wall-mounted PIN keypad to our most affordable smart lock. It further allows expansion to a full integration with wider Smart Home Automation via Z-Wave technology.

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Tested and trusted around the world

Tested and certified to a comprehensive range of global standards in markets around the world. TLJ is renowned and trusted for its uncompromising position on safety and security.

Suitable applications

Hotel Indigo Manchester – Victoria Station choose TLJ access control

TLJ are proud to have completed installation of a site-wide access control system at the newly opened Hotel Indigo – Victoria Station in Manchester.

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Hotel Indigo Manchester – Victoria Station choose TLJ access control
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Made in Britain

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