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Intelligent integrations that work for you

TLJ electronic door locks are just the start of our access control offering.

It’s the technology that works alongside them that makes them so much more than a lock. With a range of integration options to suit your specific requirements, our scalable and agile solutions will ensure a seamless fit with your current systems.

This is all made possible by TLJ’s unique technology platform – Qcloud

Mockup of technology layers on phone
API data layers on computer screen

The TLJ Application Programming Interface (API) allows 3rd party software to communicate directly with TLJ Qcloud. This allows RFID access credentials or TLJ Mobile Keys™ to be created and revoked by a different platform, as well as a whole host of other actions. A common application of this is a PMS (property management system) being able to automatically create and issue keys for residents or guests.

This removes the potential of human error and can dramatically speed up operations. For example, a holiday park’s PMS can automatically issue a Mobile Key to guests prior to arrival, guests can self-check-in on their smartphone app, access their key and go directly to their accommodation, no queuing, no wasting precious family holiday time.


The TLJ Software Development Kit (SDK) allows TLJ Mobile Keys™ to be used within your own end-user smartphone app or middleware application. This solution allows for additional functionality that may be required for smart building or holiday park operators, such as parcel delivery notifications, booking of amenities, interactive resort maps or IoT integrations.

Every new app build, using the TLJ SDK is subject to a stringent approval process. We take pride in the technology which supports our Qcloud eco-system, so all 3rd party apps are checked and certified to ensure they provide the same reliability, security and convenience that end users have come to expect with TLJ Mobile Keys™

Other solutions

Mobile Keys App
If the development of your own app isn’t an option we offer our own TLJ Mobile Keys app or can easily provide a white label version of it so you can brand it as your own. This can be the perfect choice for many operators allowing the convenience of mobile keys without costly development outlay.
Simple Solutions
If a mobile app is not a suitable solution for you currently but you still want to lighten the operational load then the TLJ auto import and export functionality could be the perfect option for you. We consider this the first stepping stone in our Mobile Keys offering and allows you to utilise automated data transfers without the need for a mobile app.
TLJ Qbot

Qbot by TLJ is your unique middleware servant. With an ever-growing list of 3rd party integrations, made possible by individual APIs and scheduled exports, Qbot can perform all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to!

Qbot acts as the smart bridge between QCloud and the 3rd party application. It effectively automates the processing of TLJ Mobile Keys™ by taking a file export from the 3rd party application and ‘translating’ it into a format that Qcloud can process.

Included with your TLJ Qcloud subscription, there are no additional costs to use Qbot. It runs within the Qcloud environment and thus limits the outbound external traffic, making it exceptionally secure.

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