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The Zpad is an online, real-time digital keypad that pairs wirelessly with compatible TLJ electronic smart door locks via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol. Fully self-contained and battery powered, Zpad is typically wall-mounted next to the door and offers combination (PIN) code entry to the lock in question.

Zpad provides much more however: the combined system of Zpad and TLJ smart door lock connects to an online gateway via Z-Wave wireless communications protocol. In turn, the resident’s digital device (smartphone, tablet or laptop) connects to the gateway via the building’s WiFi. This allows the resident, using a third party web or mobile app, to remotely control their TLJ lock conveniently and securely.

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Product features

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Multiple access options

The Zpad / TLJ smart door lock combination can be operated by a variety of access credentials. These include smartphone or web app (via the internet) and locally at the door using key card, PIN code or even voice assistant.

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Long range and low power

Zpad offers super-low power consumption and the ability to communicate wirelessly over distances up to 100 metres via Z-Wave technology.

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Z-Wave. Wireless smart home automation

Z-Wave seamlessly connects devices to a central hub or portal, instantly transforming them into online devices. It provides a platform for appliances from different manufacturers to communicate with each other and be controlled by a single web or mobile app.

Suitable applications

The Collective

​TLJ was commissioned to install comprehensive access control systems at The Collective’s sites in and around the capital. They exclusively provide co-living and co-working spaces, perfect for urban dwelling in London.

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The Collective
Made in Britain

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