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Virtual Intercom

The no cable solution

The TLJ Virtual Intercom is the latest innovation from TLJ, it offers all the features you would expect from an intercom system, with none of the hassle.

The Virtual Intercom can be installed on any building and requires no monitors, no calling panels, no cabling and no network, just the simple installation of a QR code at the building entrance!

Visitors then simply scan the code and select the unit to begin a call via one way video – the resident can see the caller and grant or deny access all from their mobile phone.

It’s packed full of functionality, benefitting both the resident and the building operator and best of all it can be retro-fitted to virtually any property without cabling, disruptive works or substantial capital investment.

Features include:

  • Know who is calling before answering
  • Bi-directional message board
  • No names, emails or phone numbers are shown to the visitor
  • Internal calling with neighbours
  • Visitor location displayed within the call, i.e. multiple entrances, same building
  • Remote door release from resident phone, if building operator allows

Product features

Reduce costs and save time

The cloud based Virtual Intercom system can be installed in no time at all! With nothing more than a QR code sign to install at the building entrances there is no access required to individual apartments, no network cables and no disruptive works. This hugely reduces capital outlay and labour costs as well as being a seamless installation process for building residents.

Enhanced resident experience

The Virtual Intercom is packed full of functionality providing an enhanced resident experience. One way video calling allows the resident to see the visitor whilst the visitor cannot see the resident, in addition no names, email addresses or phone numbers are shown to the visitor maintain a high level of security and privacy for the resident. Residents can also choose to block internal calls, switch to do not disturb mode and release doors remotely allowing for parcel delivery (if operators allows).

Suitable applications

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