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TLJ Mobile Keys ™️

How Smartphone Access should be

Mobile Key by TLJ is the ultimate in smartphone-based access control. Now available with full Hands Free operation, Mobile Key is the answer to those that say a traditional mechanical door key is simpler to use than a digital solution.

The end user’s smartphone is employed as the access token, securely connecting with the authorised locking device via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Hands Free takes a technological leap forward by removing the need for user interaction with the Mobile Key app. Beyond an initial security check, the user can journey throughout the building with no further action required. As long as they have the correct permission, locks will automatically open for them when their smartphone is in range.

Product features

Phone with TLJ screen in back pocket

Unlock it from your pocket

Far from a gimmick, giving residents the ability to journey through your building unimpeded vastly improves user experience. In turn this aids customer acquisition and retention, enhances operational efficiency and, ultimately, boosts revenue.

Smart watch and phone

Widgets and wearables

Hands Free Mobile Keys can be activated by a useful widget option, as well as a wall-mounted TLJ Beacon. Smart Watches enhance the user experience by scanning the resident’s journey throughout the building for valid access points.

Cloud integration icon

Simple & flexible smart integrations via Qcloud by TLJ

From hosted databases that are always secure and updated to simple, automated integrations with a variety of smart building systems, TLJ’s Qcloud is your cutting-edge link providing wireless, networked, real-time access control for all your doors.

How it works

QCloud key creation

Operator creates the Mobile Key using TLJ Qcloud platform or via a 3rd party integration. Parameters include: start &
end time/date; doors list; elevator access privileges; is Sharing of Key allowed and, if so, how many times?

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Computer screen with check in details

Hands free access

As the user approaches a TLJ Beacon the app receives a notification. Once Smartphone security is passed, doors can be unlocked upon approach - even with the smartphone in a pocket or handbag. Once a door has been unlocked it won’t be unlocked again until the next Hands Free session. This prevents repetitive unlocking if the user remains close to the door.

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Hands free sensor on wall

Automatic entry

Elevators can also utilise the same technology; access to specific floors only can be specified. As the user reaches the final destination (usually their apartment or studio) Hands Free functionality will time-out so their phone battery is not drained.

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Illustration of phone in back pocket

Suitable applications

See TLJ Handsfree Mobile Key in action at Sienna House BTR

The ultimate resident experience: truly handsfree access from street to sofa

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See TLJ Handsfree Mobile Key in action at Sienna House BTR

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