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Lift control

Convenience, Control and Security

Lift or Elevator Controllers from TLJ bring enhanced convenience and security to your building. The lift control system offers complete management of floor movements of guests, residents and their visitors. Access permissions to specific floors can be stored on wide range of physical access credentials and mobile technologies.

The Lift / Elevator Controller is loaded with integration capability thanks to our cutting-edge TLJ Cloud software platform, putting control in your hands and massively improving user experience through seamless, contactless operation. They integrate directly with lifts and elevators made by the world’s leading manufacturers, including Schindler, Kone and Otis.

Smart. Secure. Connected.

Product features

3D render of lift interior

Seamless resident, guest and visitor experience

In conjunction with TLJ’s intercom door entry system, residents themselves can grant visitor access to their specific floor only, greatly enhancing building security.

Access control on wall next to lift

Multiple operating modes

Ultimate flexibility: access control wall reader can be mounted in the lobby to call the lift, or in-cart to access specific floors. Up to four configurations allow you to precisely tailor the lift’s access permissions.

Phone with TLJ screen in back pocket

Handsfree Mobile Key operation

The ultimate electronic access control experience. With TLJ you can literally activate the lift controller from your pocket. Smartphone BLE app technology is ultra secure, convenient and provides a low-energy-draw solution.

Cloud integration

Simple and flexible smart integrations via Qcloud by TLJ

From hosted databases that are always secure and updated to simple, automated integrations with a variety of smart building systems, TLJ’s Qcloud is your cutting-edge link providing wireless, networked, real-time access control for all your doors.

Suitable applications

The Collective

​TLJ was commissioned to install comprehensive access control systems at The Collective’s sites in and around the capital. They exclusively provide co-living and co-working spaces, perfect for urban dwelling in London.

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The Collective

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