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Energy saving switches

Waste less, save more

Reduce energy consumption, minimise wastage and boost your building’s green credentials with energy saving switches by TLJ.
With high energy prices and the ever-increasing importance of sustainability, TLJ Energy Saving Switches can control all commonly used appliances including lights, air conditioners and TVs. This is especially useful in the Hotel and Leisure industry.

Offering full connectivity, Energy Saving Switches are compatible with TLJ’s smart locking solutions. There’s even a subtle blue backlight to help residents locate the unit in a darkened room.

TLJ Energy Saving Switches are safe and secure, they cannot be bypassed and are installed in a standard 35mm single gang back box (note installation must be carried out by a qualified electrician).

Product features

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Cut costs and boost green credentials

Guest or resident must insert their key card into the Energy Saving Switch to obtain room power. Research shows that energy consumption can be reduced by up to 30% compared to rooms not equipped with such devices.

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Multiple levels of security

Energy Saving Switches can be specified with varying levels of security: Super Intelligent accepts only TLJ key card made for that room. Intelligent accepts any contactless key card. Standard accepts any type of card.

Suitable applications

Hotel Indigo Manchester – Victoria Station choose TLJ access control

TLJ are proud to have completed installation of a site-wide access control system at the newly opened Hotel Indigo – Victoria Station in Manchester.

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Hotel Indigo Manchester – Victoria Station choose TLJ access control

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