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Posted 06 Apr 2021

The evolution of Mobile Key

Unlock it from your pocket - previewing Handsfree Mobile Keys from TLJ

Our latest innovation previewed here: handsfree operation of our smartphone-enabled electronic locks and access control systems. Your phone can stay in your pocket as our next-generation tech connects securely with the lock or access reader to authorise activation. This gives an enhanced user experience and the ultimate in usability and convenience. From an operator's perspective, our Handsfree solution can be operated via our native mobile app or integrated within a wider property app, making it ideal for the BTR or PBSA sectors.

Our Chief Technical Officer, Luke Martin, conducts a field test of the system on a lodge home at Bunn Leisure in Hampshire, the UK's biggest holiday park. He comments:

As we head towards the full launch of Handsfree, I couldn't resist a quick demo of the system in action. We're so excited about bringing this project to fruition in an incredibly short period of time. It's another great example of TLJ's agility and expertise in meeting the needs of our customers in the rapidly evolving area of proptech.

A demonstration of TLJ Handsfree Mobile Keys at Bunn Leisure Holiday Park, by our CTO Luke Martin. Unlock it from your pocket!

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