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Posted 01 Feb 2023

TLJ hold EVO’23 Team Day

TLJ Access Control recently held their annual Team Day at Hull Marina. Dubbed EVO '23.

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TLJ Access Control recently held their annual Team Day at Hull Marina. Dubbed EVO '23, the event showcased the achievements of the company over 2022 and provided the opportunity for each department to share their plans for 2023 with the rest of the company.

Who was there?

Key members of staff from each department made short, engaging presentations about their achievements and the year ahead. There were contributions from Sales & Marketing, Field Ops, Engineering, Research & Development, Accounts, HR, Technical Support and Logistics.

What happened?

The tone of the day reflected our company culture: informal, frank, open and honest, while being professional, pragmatic and positive. All presentations were well received, with plenty of opportunity for feedback and questions.


Some highlights from the various presentations:

  • Record breaking turnover in 2022
  • Teams grown in size across the board with several new starters
  • TLJ's apprenticeship programme expanded, with a number of successful completions
  • Expanding markets & sectors, with a formidable portfolio of high profile clients & partners
  • New products & services to be launched in 2023 (hardware & software)
  • Further product testing and certification underway, adding to an already comprehensive library of accreditations
  • Brand refresh for 2023 including new visual treatments, new marketing materials and new website
  • New & improved Technical Support platform for 2023, meaning we can serve our customers even better going forward
  • Stronger awareness and focus on ESG issues with a dedicated working party developing and delivering on policy

Of course there's always room for improvement, so we also looked at areas where we could do better. Many of these strands coalesced into a need for more and improved methods of communication both internally and with customers.

As a result, a commitment was made to formalise how we communicate between departments and create more regular and engaging content for customers.

Tony Martin
A little bit of fun...

Following an intense day of presentations and discussions, there was the opportunity to have some fun!

We had the dubious honour of presenting The Tony's. Named after our CEO, Tony Martin, they were extremely tongue-in cheek and covered such diverse topics as "best at losing your car in the NEC's parking lot", "falling for the most obvious email scam" and “having the most consistently boring packed lunch”!

This light-hearted segment raised many laughs and was the perfect segue into the very well-received drinks and dinner.

Following the event, TLJ's Marketing Director, Sean Wilson, said:

I was delighted to be offered the organisational lead on our EVO’23 Team Day, the first of its type that has been held in recent years. The plans for our new initiatives are truly impressive. I personally got a lot out of the event, especially learning more about parts of the business that I don’t encounter on a day-to-day basis, such as Field Ops and Engineering.

CEO Tony Martin added:

The feeling I came away with was one of pride. Having seen the business develop from its inception in 2009 to the globally active company it is today, I can’t thank enough our dedicated teams across the whole company. Every single one of our employees is vital to the success of the business. That said, we are a humble company which has always put service and the customer first, something that will never change.

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