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Posted 10 Apr 2024

TLJ joins UK Single-Family Association

TLJ is proud to have become a member of the not-for-profit organisation, the UK Single-Family Association (UK SFA) and look forward to the opportunities this will present.

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The sector has seen remarkable growth of late due to the popularity of single-family homes and the unique investment opportunity it presents. The newly created UK SFA will recognise the distinct benefits and challenges that investing in and operating Single-Family Rental (SFR) brings.

TLJ offer a unique solution for the sector with the award winning RezLok,  one of the most versatile electronic locks on the market. The RezLok can be fitted on virtually any door and it’s unique construction makes it compatible with a variety of door lock mechanisms, including multipoint locking systems.

The RezLok is fully compatible with either RFID or Bluetooth technology, meaning keyless entry can come in the form of a fob or via a smartphone app. In addition TLJ’s unique technology platform ‘Qcloud’ offers a simple, fast and secure way to integrate the access control system with other software platforms and connect with existing smart building applications. This makes the RezLok the perfect solution for the SFR sector.

In addition, TLJ’s new integration with Samsung SmartThings will only serve to better the product offering to the sector. With the ever growing demand for smarter, more connected homes the integration into the SmartThings ecosystem, which features over 5,000 devices, will assist in generating higher yields and driving retention in rented properties.

We are pleased to see the development of the UK SFA and look forward to seeing how it can help support this unique and growing sector.

At TLJ we are excited to see the potential within the SFR sector and are keen to share our knowledge of access control for BTR with developers and operators through our membership of the UK SFA.

Luke Martin, CTO, TLJ Access Control

TLJ are already working with a growing number of developers and operators within the sector and look forward to demonstrating to other members the benefits of contactless electronic locks and integrated access management software systems.

Access technology is a key component of the professional operational managers toolkit. As our homes get smarter, more sustainable and energy efficient, it’s logical that all aspects of our members’ portfolios benefit from the latest developments in technology. That means the latest in access control systems which are also more convenient for renters.  We welcome the TLJ Group to our rapidly growing membership and look forward to working with them in the future.

Richard Berridge, UK SFA CEO

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