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Posted 25 Mar 2024

One month in the life of TLJ for Anna Fortova

Introducing Anna Fortova who has recently joined the TLJ team as a Business Admin Apprentice.

Anna Fortova

Anna joined TLJ in January as a Business Administrator Apprentice and has already become an integral member of the team.

We caught up with Anna to see how she had found things so far at TLJ:

Tell us about your role and what you bring to TLJ?

As a Business Administrator Level 3 Apprentice my role is mainly to support the Accounts Manager and take Business Administrator duties like: booking hotels for the engineers, creating new customer account forms as well as booking and calculating holidays for staff. I'm a really organised person so that helps with the role as its a very busy department within TLJ.

What has your first month been like at TLJ? 

It was great! Everyone is helpful and welcoming. It feels like a great place to work and be part of the team!

Most interesting TLJ fact learnt so far?

That TLJ is a is a rapidly growing business on a global level.

Proudest achievement in work and/or life? 

When I look at my journey since I arrived in the UK I am proud of how far I have come, I had to start my life from scratch. I have undertaken various training courses and now this Apprenticeship since I arrived in the UK, all the time working hard to develop my skills. I also have a 15 year old teenager which is a whole separate achievement but just as, if not more important than my other personal achievements.

Favourite things to do on my day off?

I love hiking and to take trips away in the caravan with my family. I also love dancing, salsa dancing, kizomba and bachata, I try to go twice a week to get my dance fix.

What are you most looking forward to at TLJ in 2024?

I hope to get my Business Administrator qualification and build my confidence a little more. There is a lot to learn which makes it an interesting but challenging role. I also look forward to participating with the TLJ team  in different charity activities like the “March march” walking challenge in support of Kidney Research UK.

Just for fun

Favourite Film?

It's too difficult to pick a favourite. There are lots of absolute must see's on my list! The latest impressive film I have watched is Poor Things.

Favourite emoji?


Favourite pizza topping?

It depends on my mood! I like to add Brie, olives and capers on my pizza though.

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