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Posted 27 Mar 2023

TLJ accredited in North America

TLJ are excited to announce our successful certification for the North American market

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Our flagship Invisible lockset has been tested and awarded the coveted UL 10C fire rating, vital for the construction industries of the United States and Canada. Sample doors fitted with the Invisible exceeded both the 20 minute test on solid wood fire doors and the 45 minute test on composite fire doors. Both tests also included a positive water pressure 'hose stream' test, which we also passed. Full details of the testing regime, and our specific test, can be found here. Following the success of these tests, we are applying door a full 90 minute burn test on the Invisible, as well as further testing on other models in the TLJ range.

Additionally the Invisible has also achieved full FCC accreditation, certifying that our lock conforms to all relevant federal communications standards via electronic means (a legal requirement in the USA).

TLJ Chief Technical Officer, Luke Martin, said:

As we form exciting new business partnerships in North America it's encouraging that we're proving we can walk-the-walk! Our commitment to world-class product development and design, with safety and security integrated from the start, has been proven time and time again in Europe. Now we're demonstrating this approach is bringing success around the globe.
Luke Martin
About Invisible by TLJ

The world's best looking electronic smart lock! All the essential parts of the Invisible lock are housed within the door. Only the lever, LED indicator are visible to the user.

A specifier’s dream – Invisible by TLJ is unlike most electronic lock sets in that it can be used with almost any lever-on-rose. This allows fittings to be matched throughout the building, with a consistent appearance for bedrooms, bathrooms, store rooms, apartments and entrance doors.

Invisible by TLJ is configured for Radio Frequency (RFID) and Bluetooth (BLE) to offer simple, contactless operation by key card, fob or smartphone.

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