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Posted 05 Aug 2020

Working safer, working better

​Given the world-changing events of the last few months, it’s easy to overlook ‘traditional’ Health and Safety.

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​Given the world-changing events of the last few months, it’s easy to overlook ‘traditional’ Health and Safety

When we talk about PPE, it’s likely the first thing that springs to mind for many people will be face masks and hand sanitiser. Vital as these things are to protect against the spread of COVID-19, they won’t prevent injury from falling masonry on a construction site or the permanent loss of vision from insufficient eye protection.

That’s why at TLJ we’re careful to take into account all aspects of the operational safety and integrity of our staff when on site, how it affects their immediate environment and that of their co-workers.

To that end we’re delighted to announce TLJ have secured both the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) and Alcumus SafeContractor accreditations for yet another year. They are concrete proof that we have, as an absolute minimum, met all relevant heaths and safety risk management standards. Furthermore it gives investors, developers and operators in the construction industry the peace of mind that we live and breathe health and safety on a daily basis and can be trusted implicitly with all aspects of the discipline.

TLJ’s HSQE Director, Claire Martin, said:

It goes without saying that all aspects of health and safety in construction are of paramount importance, this year more than any. TLJ’s commitment to HS and Quality standards are ably demonstrated by both of these accreditations, which are of vital importance when negotiating new contracts. Of course they are just pieces of paper; it’s testament to our engineering teams on site that - without fail - they uphold these standards day in day out. It makes me very proud that, this year especially, we’ve successfully maintained a culture where we put health and safety at the very centre of how we work.

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