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Posted 04 Jun 2021

Mobile Keys by TLJ takes off

Latest figures show almost 600% increase in Mobile Key activations over the last 12 months

Hand holding TLJ Mobile Key

Despite many sectors showing a massive slow-down during the past 12 months, activations of TLJ's Mobile Keys have risen to unprecedented levels. Conversely, HM Government restrictions throughout the Covid pandemic meant the almost total suspension of UK's hotel and hospitality industry. Sadly this resulted in many closures, with relatively few hotels remaining open to serve key workers.

TLJ bucking the trend

We think there are two main factors at play here, explaining the dramatic increase in adoption of Mobile Keys:

  1. Mobile Key is contactless and exceptionally Covid-friendly. The user needs only their smartphone to activate their lock(s), meaning no handling of physical keys whatsoever. It's the perfect solution to help a hotel maintain its cleanliness regime.
  2. Strong performance in other sectors served by TLJ. Student accommodation (PBSA) continues to welcome residents as far as restrictions allow, with Mobile Keys being the natural choice for the student population. Similarly in the BTR (multi-family) residential sector, tenants demand the ultimate in convenience and connected living. More recently TLJ have been installing Mobile Key-compatible locks across several holiday and caravan parks, affording operators and holidaymakers alike exceptional convenience and peace of mind.

It's interesting to note that the upticks in Mobile Key activations have coincided with the relaxing of certain Covid restrictions and the increased mobility of large parts of the population.

So what exactly is Mobile Key?

Put simply, Mobile Keys represents the peak of contactless, integrated access control systems. Removing the need for physical keys, users have the ability to open doors using only their smartphone. It's the default position for most BTR operators, and a highly desirable feature for PBSA, hotel and leisure sectors.

Residents, students or guests simply install the Mobile Keys app, the operator then sends them a securely encrypted digital key, via the cloud, with the access credentials they need. Once in the vicinity of the door, their phone can be used to activate the lock using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.

For operators, Mobile Keys offers a scalable, flexible, enterprise-level solution. TLJ’s wide range of integrations ensures Mobile Keys is compatible with all major smart building apps and property management systems.

Mobile Keys from TLJ allows users to open doors with their smartphone.

The future of Mobile Key

We pay close attention to the needs of our customers, helping us anticipate trends in the access control market. TLJ's Research & Development team are constantly developing new features and integrations, both physical and digital, so the ways in which Mobile Keys will benefit operators and users are only going to increase.

We're already able to offer cloud-based solutions for remote operation, vital for properties without permanent reception staff. Coming very soon is Handsfree Mobile Key, boosting convenience even further by giving residents, students and guests fully automatic, fully secure access without having to touch their phones. You really can "Unlock it from Your Pocket"!

Unlock it from Your Pocket!

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