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Posted 17 Aug 2023

TLJ Infinity Locks - the perfect replacement for obsolete Vingcard battery locks

By the end of 2023 the Vingcard mag-swipe classic battery lockset will reach the end of its life for new locks and spare parts.

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Premises currently using this lockset will require urgent replacements of their access control system site wide, including bedrooms, clusters, block entrances and amenity areas as well as car park gated access.

TLJ’s Infinity electronic locks are the perfect choice to replace the ageing Vingcard locks for a number of reasons:

Ease of Installation – The TLJ Infinity and the Vingcard Classic have the SAME footprint on the door meaning the installation is quick and straight forward, minimal disruption to your guests with nearly no door remedials required

Enhanced Fire Integrity – TLJ have undertaken enhanced fire safety tests on like for like door types with retro fitted Infinity locks. Our infinity locks are EN 1634-1:2014 accredited, Certifire approved and actually out-performed the now obsolete Vingcard lock in a 30 minute fire test.

Improved Usability – All TLJ electronic locks utilise the latest RFID technology to offer simple, contactless operation. No more temperamental magnetic cards and guests unable to access their rooms.

Anti-Cloning Technology – In 2023 we implemented a software upgrade that prevents cloned cards being able to operate our locks. Whilst this practice is rare, TLJ are keen to ensure our locks are robust against any form of cloning of cards or fobs.

All TLJ locks are compatible with our latest technology, Qcloud: TLJ’s uniquely flexible, intuitive, scalable and bespoke platform. Qcloud makes it simple, fast and secure to integrate your access control system with other software platforms and connect with existing smart building applications.

In addition to the above we also offer a best in class support service and an industry leading three year warranty as standard.

If you are searching for the solution to your Vingcard problem, The infinity by TLJ is the obvious choice.

Get in touch today for more information or a no obligation quotation on 01482 830334 or email sales@tljlimited.com.

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