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Posted 25 Jan 2021

TLJ bring the future of access control to holiday & leisure parks

One of many to take an undeserved beating during the COVID pandemic has been the holiday & leisure park industry.

Hopes of a post-lockdown return in the summer and a post-Brexit drive towards UK ‘staycations’ may offer some light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel, though this is in no way guaranteed.

Mobile-first, resort-wide solutions

It’s a massive, ongoing challenge for the industry and those who serve it. At TLJ we’ve taken the challenge seriously, redoubling our efforts in both product and systems innovation. We are now perfectly placed to offer resort-wide access management: electronic and contactless, our mobile app-based solutions centre around smart door locking for both guests and staff. This core offering has been engineered to fully integrate with systems such as car park barriers and park entrances, smart lockers, cashless vending and all major PMS applications.

New benefits and opportunities

Added convenience and functionality are obvious benefits for the guest; maybe not so obvious from an operator’s point of view is the increased opportunity for on-park sales & marketing brought about by the use of a dedicated guest app. In addition, the benefits of contactless operation of so many on-park systems when considering bacterial and viral infection control cannot be overstated, both now and well into the future.

Look out for our social media updates as we roll out this exciting Access Control application to Holiday & Leisure Parks.

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