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Posted 09 Oct 2020

TLJ’s magic weekend with Nido Student

TLJ were on hand last weekend to help at two major developments for Nido Student as they opened their doors to residents.

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TLJ were on hand last weekend to help at two major developments for Nido Student as they opened their doors to residents.

Nido Students’ new residences at Barnard Point, Wembley and Arundel House, Coventry welcomed over 1,000 students between them on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th September, in readiness for the new academic year. Between both sites TLJ have installed over 1,300 Identity model electronic contactless locks on studios and ensuite apartments, plus access readers on shared entrance doors.

Keyless access integration

Both came with TLJ’s Mobile Keys system, a smartphone application which allows students to open their allocated doors using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), via a dedicated mobile app. A major benefit for any operator is being able to issue digital mobile keys well in advance of students arriving; it hugely diminishes the time and trouble spent at check-in allocating and distributing keys to students. In these times of the Covid 19 pandemic, contactless operation is also a useful tool in promoting site cleanliness and disease prevention measures.

Bespoke development for Nido

As part of the project we worked closely with Nido Student to develop a bespoke appearance for the Mobile Keys app, preserving and supporting their brand identity. Other software developments, tailored specifically for Nido, include the ability to issue mobile keys in bulk, further streamlining the ‘front of house’ process.

As well as helping Nido staff, our TLJ representatives were answering technical queries from individual students, assisting with installing, registering and using the Mobile Keys app where necessary. If a student did not have a smartphone, or did not want to use it for room access, we also helped Nido staff in cutting traditional contactless key fobs.

TLJ Mobile Keys is fully integrated with all room locks and access control points at seven Nido Student sites throughout Europe in 2020, with a further seven coming on stream in 2021. It’s a great example of our ongoing, long term relationships with Nido, real estate investors Roundhill Capital and developer Watkin Jones Group.

Marketing Director, Sean Wilson, said

Seeing this through for Nido - from initial planning stages through installation, commissioning to students actually arriving - is incredibly satisfying. We’re delighted that our bespoke, hands-on approach made such a difference on the day. Sure there were a couple of small glitches, mainly to do with students’ phone settings, but being on site meant we could deal with them quickly, there and then.

It’s something that we’ll definitely be replicating at our other Nido projects this year, and into 2021.

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