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Posted 30 Aug 2022

Novel Student - The Aspen

TLJ Install locks and readers at The Aspen

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Style and convenience come together in this beautiful student accommodation in Leicester – The Aspen. Providing students with spacious amenities and a space to study in peace and enjoy themselves, the Aspen comes with an outdoor gym, Zen garden, outside and private dining, Karaoke room, a games room and more. Real luxury for the residents!

We were there to install 268 of our contactless 'Identity' smart locks and 21 online access readers for builder Watkin Jones and investor CA Ventures. Students will find it easy and streamlined to get in and out of their accommodation thanks to our versatile smart locks, allowing for a multitude of access options such as key cards, fobs, and Mobile Keys (opening doors by Smartphone).

Improving the wellbeing of students through access control

Contrary to what many believe, student life is tougher than ever before. The Natwest Student Living Index 2022 reports 31% of students are feeling stressed; whilst financial concerns are high on the list, their accommodation shouldn’t be contributing: it should be a safe haven. Our electronic smart locks alleviate a lot of that stress by helping with the following:

Lost keys

Losing your keys is a scary moment for anyone, let alone a student for whom life away from home in a strange town may already be stressful. It causes a security risk for the student and extra cost for the operator with replacement keys. With TLJ, keys can be replaced quickly and easily without fuss, especially if the building operates digital Mobile Keys: old keys can be cancelled and new ones issued instantaneously, even if the user's smartphone is lost or stolen.

Peace of mind

Certified for fire safety, quality, and security, students can rest easy without worrying about their safety.

Better quality of life

Some older student accommodation buildings can feel very unwelcoming, dated and inadequate which may take a toll on students' mental and physical health. Places like The Aspen, however, that really provide students with clean, modern, high-end amenities and only the very best access control, improve the students’ living conditions and contribute to their wellbeing.

TLJ Care

We pride ourselves on our care for our clients and - ultimately - the end user. This is vital for a busy student accommodation property where, rarely but inevitably, locks are sometimes damaged or experience failure. Our 24 hour support team are highly dedicated to helping and being there for our clients. We understand aftercare is an incredibly important part of our service, this is just one of the reasons Watkin Jones chose us as their access control provider.

TLJ's Chief Operations Officer, Joe Martin, notes:

Another in a long line of Watkin Jones projects, which is always a delight. This build is perfect for any student and It’s always a pleasure to contribute to a build that helps students, it’s great to see the amount of care that went into it!

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