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Posted 06 Jul 2020

Go Hotel Copenhagen

​TLJ install seamless access control integration at Go Hotel, Copenhagen.

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Project details

​TLJ install seamless access control integration at Go Hotel, Copenhagen.

Go Hotel Copenhagen is a modern airport hotel located close to the city centre, conveniently located just 5 minutes from Copenhagen Airport.

We have delivered a truly contactless guest experience for the hotel, from room booking to checkout. It’s another example of TLJ’s flexibility and technical prowess, as we expand further into overseas markets. With the site serving the Danish capital’s airport, it’s natural for guests to book online for a stay prior to catching a flight. We have partnered with Mews Property Management System (PMS), 4suites Internet of Things (IoT) platform and Kone elevators to deliver a truly end-to-end, contactless guest experience.

Our solution seamlessly integrates Booking.com reservations with the hotel’s Mews PMS. Once the booking is in the PMS, 4suites IoT functionality takes over, allowing contactless check-in/check-out and controlled access throughout the building. All systems are conveniently operated via the guest’s smartphone.

TLJ installed our Infinity lockset on all 219 guest rooms, fully compatible with the 4suites mobile integration. Given the nature of the guest, smartphone access is the default choice at Go Hotel, however automated physical key cards can be generated for those who prefer it.

We worked closely with Kone to interface their in-cart systems with our elevator controllers. Especially important in the case of the Go Hotel site, this arrangement allows managed access from the car park on the lower floor to reception on the 5th floor, then on to the guest’s room.

There are huge benefits to be gained from this set up, both from a guest and hotel management perspective. For a tired guest, exhausted from travelling, it’s very convenient to check in using a mobile app. They can get their feet up and relax without having to queue at reception. From the hotel operator’s point of view, this can mean fewer reception staff are required. It also promotes a modern, hi-tech image for the hotel and, in the post-Covid world, reduces the number of customer touch points.

Along with our integration partners, we’ve delivered an access control solution that is going to make a huge difference to Go Hotel in Copenhagen. Our flexibility shone through, in being able to precisely meet the challenges posed by a modern, busy, hotel airport.

The fact that we were chosen by this Danish operator, over a raft of European competitors, speaks volumes.

Luke Martin, Chief Technical Officer

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